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X-Fungal, used to be caled Para Fungal is a unique blend of plants, barks, and herbs that grow in the Amazon rain forest.

X-Fungal - 120 capsules

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  • Para Fungal is a unique blend of plants, barks, and herbs that grow in the Amazon rain forest. These indigenous plants, barks and herbs have been used for years by the native tribes of the Amazon for various physical ailments.

    Para Fungal specifically targets fungal and parasitic problems such as, candida & yeast infections, mold, fungal infestions, prostatitis, parasites, and malaria. Para Fungal also acts as an anti-viral & anti-bacterial.

    The nine ingredients of the Para Fungal blend are listed below.


    Jatoba (bark)

    • For candida & yeast infections, fungal infections (athlete's foot, nail fungus, ect.
    • For prostatitis, cystitis, and urinary tract infections. 
    • As a natural stimulant & energy tonic.


    Pau d'Arco (bark)

    • For candida, yeast and other fungal infections
    • For flu, colds, and upper-respiratory bacterial and viral infections.
    • For leukemia and cancer.
    • For sexually transmitted diseases. (syphilis, gonorrhea, etc.)
    • For psoriasis and dermatitis


    Anamu (whole herb)

    • For cancer, leukemia and immune disorders.
    • For colds, flu and virues, for urinary tract infections.
    • For candida and yeast infections.


    Brazilian Peppertree (bark or fruit) 

    • Anti-bacterial, anti-candidal, anti-fungal.
    • For viral & fungal infections, (candida & yeast)
    • As a heart regulator & mild hypertention. 
    • To stop bleeding and treat wounds internally & externally.


    Amargo (bark) 

    • Anti-parasitic, digestive stimulant, liver bile stimulant
    • For lice & skin parasites, for intestinal parasites & amebic infestion.
    • For digestive problems, (ulcers, gas, bloating etc)
    • To eliminate toxins & stones.


    Fedegoso (whole herb) 

    • Anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, anti-hepatotoxic (liver detoxifier)
    • To treat bacterial & fungal infections
    • For liver disorders, for intestinal worms, internal parasites, & skin parasites.
    • As a protector against cellular damage.


    Epazote (whole herb)

    • Anti-parasitic, vermifuge (expels worms), insecticidal, digestive stimulant, hepato-protective (liver protector)
    • For skin parasies, lice & ringworm.
    • For acid relux, gas, bloating, cramping, chronic constipation 


    Graviola (leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, roots)

    • Anti-cancerous, anti-tumorous, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic, hypotensive (helps lower blood pressure).
    • Treats bacterial & fungal infections, 
    • For internal parasites & worms.


    Nettle (root)

    • Anti-androgenic, blood cleanser, hormonal regulator, diuretic.
    • Promotes hair growth, helps lower blood pressure
    • For kidney disorders.
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