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Stone Buster is a proprietary blend of seven rainforest plants

Stone-X - 100 capsules

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  • Stone Buster is a proprietary blend of seven rainforest plants. The main ingredient, Chanca Piedra, is used by the native tribes of the rainforest for eliminating and preventing kidney stones and gallstones. Therefore, the herb is commonly referred to as the stone buster. However, the ability to reduce and eliminate excess uric acid, as well as being an anti-inflamatory, an analgesic, and a muscle relaxant makes this product a powerful pain fighter. The seven plants and herbs listed below makeup this very unique product.


    Chanca Piedra (whole herb)

    • For kidney stones and gallstones. For viruses, hepatitis A, B, & C, herpes & HIV. 
    • To tone, balance, strengthen, detoxify and protect the liver. To reduce uric acid and increase urination.
    • For hypertention and high cholesterol levels.


    Cat's Claw (vine bark)

    • An immune stimulant & adjunctive therapy for cancer. Reduce side effects of chemotherapy.
    • As a bowel cleanser & anti-inflamatory for Crohn's disease, colitis, diverticulitis, & irritable bowel syndrome.
    • An anti-inflamatory for arthritis & muscle pains, strains, & injuries.
    • For stomach ulcers & ulcerative colitis and as a ulcer preventative and bowel protector.


    Chuchuhuasi (bark)

    • An analgesic, muscle relaxant, and a anti-inflamatory for arthritis, rheumatism & back pain.
    • As a aphrodisiac for loss of libido (male/female) To cool & balance adrenal function.
    • To tone, balance, and strengthen female hormonal systems, for menstrual disorders, mentrual pain/cramps.


    Amor Seco (whole herb)

    • For asthma and allergies...for respiratory problems (bronchitis, COPD, emphysema, excessive phlegm/mucus. 
    • As a general anti-spasmodic/muscle relaxant... pain reliever for colic, stomach & bowel cramping, arthritis, muscle/joint pain and spasms. 
    • For mentrual disorders and excessive bleeding, pain vaginal discharge. 
    • For convulsions (allergic reactions, epilepsy) 


    Iporuru (leaf & bark)

    • For arthritis and rheumatism, as an internal & external anti-inflamatory and pain reliever for muscle and joint injuries. 
    • For fungal and viral infections...for erectile dysfunction and female fertility. 


    Tayuya (root)

    • To relieve pain of all types (arthritis, migraines, headaches, stomach aches, mentrual pain etc). 
    • For central nervous system disorders (sciatica, neuralgia, mutiple sclerosis, epilepsy, etc). 
    • As a general detoxifier and blood cleanser. 
    • For acne, eczema, dermatitis, and other skin problems. 
    • For emotional fatigue and depression. 


    Sarsaparilla (root)

    • For psoriasis, dermatitis, leprosy and other skin disorders. 
    • As a blood purifier and general detoxification aid. 
    • For arthritis, rheumatism and auto immune disorders which cause inflammation. 
    • For syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. 
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