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Shark Liver Oil - 240 Soft Gel Capsules

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Properties of Shark Liver Oil

This fabulous product contains many extremely beneficial compounds such as squalamine, squalene, alkyglycerols, essential fatty acids and omega-3 oils. It is believed that the combination of these exotic compounds are even more effective than when taken alone.

Shark Liver Oil vs. Shark Cartilage

Don’t confuse Shark Liver oil with Shark Cartilage which does not contain all the exotic ingredients of Shark Liver Oil nor does it contain the high concentrations of alkerglycerols or squalamine. Shark Cartilage is not effective in passing through the digestive system as contrasted to Shark Liver Oil which doesn’t break down during digestion and effectively enters the bloodstream. Studies have demonstrated the vast superiority of Shark Liver Oil over Shark Cartilage

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